Where do Alpacas Live?

Alpacas live in a wide range of habitat.

Most times they can be found in the high and dry Atacama desert in Chile to the wet and stormy Tierra del Fuego at the tip of the continent.

They can also be found all over South America living in temperate conditions in the mountains with high altitudes.

Alpacas, however are very adaptable animals and have been exported to different parts of the world such as America, New Zealand, Australia and the Netherlands

But the majority of them can be found in South America

What Kind of Climate Do Alpacas Live In?

Where do Alpacas Live

Alpacas are animals that can thrive in very hot or cold locations.

Alpacas are amazingly resilient animals and have adapted successfully to the extremes of both very hot and very cold climates. 

In hot, humid climates, alpaca owners need to take extra precautions to make sure that the alpacas do not suffer from heat stress. 

These include: shearing fleeces early in the year, providing fans and ventilation in the barn, offering cool fresh water for drinking, and hosing off their bellies (where heat is dissipated) on very hot days.

This makes them very easy to care for since they are not limited to any specific type of environment.

Do Alpacas Live In the Desert

Now this is one question that I get asked a lot.

And the simple answer to this question is NO

While alpacas are very resilient animals and can live in any type of climate, one place they will definitely not survive in is the hot and harsh weather of the desert.

Think about it – how many living things do you know that can survive in an arid and hot wasteland like the desert.

Alpacas not being an exception will not be able to survive in such a place because of the lack of food and water and will die off.

Do Alpacas Live on Farms

Alpacas can and do live on farms – this is because they are very friendly animals.

They are easy to care for, have very minimal health care  are easy on pasture and fencing, produce fleece annually, sale of surplus animals provides a lucrative return on investment, are gentle, physically unimposing, non-aggressive

In fact, I will suggest that alpacas should be solely raised on farms because it is much easier for them to be cared for in a farm

A farm usually has all the required needs to ensure that the animals are well cared for, raised properly and harvested properly.

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How long does an Alpaca Live?

An alpaca can ideally live for 20 years.

The cria is weaned at 6 to 8 months, and females are ready to reproduce at 12 to 15 months. 

Males take a bit longer to mature and are ready to mate at 30 to 36 months. Alpacas live up to 20 years

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